Shame on you – Hackers


Shame on you – hackers. I would like to say those three words to the hackers who hacked this blog website yesterday  morning. We know that there are lots of group of people, who may not like what we say; but it is a cowardly act to hack our website. If you have your argument, you can convey that by your writing.

However, we have recovered our website as it was and working fine. For hackers, if you are radical extremists, then please be sure that we will not stop writing against you. If you are political follower of a particular group, we will not stop to critisize political games played behind the screen. So, stop hacking our website in future, we won’t stop.

If you are really from Libya, as said in your hacking page, I have no idea why you hacked our site. If you are a IS hacker, than I know why you hacked our site. If you are a Bangladeshi hacker and put a cover announcing you from Libya, then you are really coward like fundamentalists in Bangladesh who attacks from the back and does not have courage to come forward with own identity.

Whatever your intention is, you cannot stop us from writing and expressing our opnion online.