Razib to Niladri – murders of Bloggers in Bangladesh


It’s very difficult to say when blogger killing started; but murder of Razib brought these incidents into media. Latest, Niladri Chottopadhay was murdered yesterday inside of his own house. These bustards started to kill at the road and yesterday they murdered inside the house. It gives a clear indication on their progress and failure of individual safety & security in Bangladesh. Nothing new, we had been shouting to take immediate steps for avoiding these killings to the government. But what Sheikh Hasina has done so far. Nothing.

If law enforcement agencies says that they did not know about this, it will not be acceptable. Niladri went to police when he felt persecuted by these extremist goups. From my personal experience, when I filed a general diary in police station, police office assigned for enquiry even did not spoke to me on my complaint. After few days, I was traped in a attempted murder by these extremist group. However, being a ex-army officer I could avoid death but were going to be dead the way they targeted my neck and shoulder. I can feel how Niladri felt, when he was suggested by the police to go to another police station with his complaint. I was really surprised, when I read in newspaper that police suggested him to leave the country to avoid his death. Can anyone from civilized society imagine that your law enforcement agenceis are suggesting you to flee abroad to cover their failure up?

Amnesty International and other international organisations have highlighted their concern on these killings and asked government to take strong and immediate actions. But has the government taken any real steps to avoid these killings? If they had taken active measure than innocent freethinkers could have lived. Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) spokesman said that these killings are the result of worst law & order situation in Bangladesh. I have to agree with that partially. I want to add that Sheikh Hasina does not actually want this situation to be improved, she intentionally wants this killings to be continued so that she can blame opposition for these killings as one of her ministers did today.

Has anyone really thought about the family of this poor guy who was murdered yesterday? It was shocking that Nilardri’s name was listed and detective branch knew about this list. Then why they failed to protect this gentleman from confirmed murder attack? This is just because governement and law enforcement agencies actually don’t care about this. By this attitude, I think government is patronising these sorts of killings.

I don’t know where Bangladesh is heading. I have never felt so lonely before. Gonojagoron Moncho announced their demand for arresting the murderer of Niladri within seven days. I have one question, is arresting the murderers of Niladri going to stop the next killing of another blogger? Then why everyone is not thinking about that. People like us who write blogs and online activists are really concern about this. You don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. If government can’t ensure the safety of bloggers and online activists in Bangladesh, then government should step down and leave the country.

Our citizens are engaged in peace keeping in UN missions in other countries, then why radical islamist extreem goups can not be destroyed from our own country. If police is failing to do this job, then task it to RAB when it is called Elite force. If RAB fails then task it to Army. If Army fails, then surrender this country to any other country who can provide at least life safety to us. If any further blogger is killed in future, then Sheikh Hasina and all his ministers must be kicked out Bangladesh and then they will feel the way bloggers are feeling now.