New face of extremism in Bangladesh 2017


New face of extremism in Bangladesh is in rise. 2017 is waiting and silently lots of young people are missing recently. Police chief is saying that all the missing people may not be involved in extremism; but my question is why police could not find them to ensure that they are not going to be involved in extremism in 2017.

The picture attached which is very scary for most of the reader, but I have showed this to everyone so that you can realize how cruel these extremists are in Bangladesh. How they are killing people who does not believe in religion or raise their concern about radicalization in Bangladesh. This is a picture of a blogger who was murdered by extremists last year. They have not only killed him, but also smashed his face. Now the extremists are painting a new face of extremism in Bangladesh.

This year in Gulshan attack, high society boys were brain washed to take participation in extremism. Though they were killed during the rescue operation, but their drivers are still alive and planning more. Radicalization is spread all over the country. Bangladesh and Bangladeshis are the easiest target to convert into extremism, as most of them are already radicalized.

Politicians are busy for their own gains, law enforcement agencies are not capable to root out the militants, corruption is rooted in the society, people are self centered; in this situation, no one is actually bothered to think about the way extremism is spreading in the country. For last few months, no big incidents have taken place in the country. But few indicators indicates about worse in next year.

Everyone is too reluctant about this. Government is not saying or doing anything against it. Police is thinking, nothing is going to happen and if anything happen, they will face it then. There is no proactive preparation on this. What a shame.

Already local militant groups have grouped together and linked with international terrorist organisation. They are well equipped now and trained. This is the time they are reorganizing and they are going to hit harder. Bangladesh must have taken action this time to prevent future attacks. Recently, lots of attacks going on in Turkey and middle eastern countries. These attacks are taking place by the same international terrorist organisations which are linked with Bangladeshi militants. They are going to turn to Bangladesh. Bangladesh has become their safe heaven due to lack of monitoring by security agencies.

It seems like, Bangladesh has already surrendered to the extremists and Government and other political parties are just using extremism as a tool for their political gain. There is none who is really doing any real work to safeguard the country. Even the journalists are scared of both government and these militants.