Islamic militants and new face of terrorism in Bangladesh


Islamic militants have successfully scared people in Bangladesh. It is established now that they are operating effectively within Bangladesh. Though there is a open hide & seek play going on by the government, but no doubt that Islamic militants have expressed their presence quite loud & clear in Bangladesh. I don’t know what the government or the law enforcement agencies are thinking about it, but general public are highly concerned and scared about the situation.

I had been telling all along that international terrorist organisations are recruiting young minds in Bangladesh for their execution of terrorist activities in Bangladesh as it is very easy for them. But one thing is very much clear that few foreign citizens are directly involved with these militant activities. They are obviously acting as a recruiter, may not be the main person behind all these. But they are acting as their representatives.

I am really surprise to see few of the militants’ family background. Their families are well off, had nice educations from western curriculum; but it is a matter of research to know how did they get involved in this. Something really fishy here to me that almost all of them were lost for about six months and became suicide bombers. What was their motivations behind this. Because in this age in Bangladesh, young people from their background does not do these.

They did not do it for money, as most of them normally do. They are not from radical religious background, as revealed in the media. There is a possibility that they were attracted to these radicalized ideology recently and in their recent school or places. Now the million dollar question is, who are behind these? So far government has not done anything to find out the root cause; as they are only reacting to the incidents and playing all old blame games with opposition political parties.

But matter of fact, some radicalized movement is going through the society silently. I don’t know how many have already stepped into this trap. How many suicide militants are already operating in the country? These are the information need to be find out by law enforcement agencies. They are not at all taking any preventive measures.

There is big bubble formed for last few years. What government said, is not at all true. And within this bubble, these Islamic militants are growing very confidently. It’s a matter of time when this bubble is going to bust. Gulshan attack was nothing but a trailer. Already too late to face this new kind of terrorism in Bangladesh. People need to be united, because already Islamic militants of different banned organisations are united to destroy this country in the name of their so called religious extremist ideology.