Is Islam terrorism or a name of ‘Peace’!


“It is true that I was badly injured in a bomb attack by a Muslim while I was working in British army in Iran.  A bomb was hidden in the street of Bosra, the commercial city of Iran and I was badly injured in this incident. In this incident I lost one of my legs” Chris Robert started his post in Facebook in this way. After being injured many anti-Islamist organizations proposed him to join their team. But he did not join them because he never blamed a Muslim for his suffering.

In the post he also mentioned the reason why he did not blame a Muslim for this heinous deed that happened to him. He said, “in this bomb hurling attack I was accompanying a soldier who also lost his one hand in the incident also a Muslim.” He also said the helicopter what was carrying him, its captain was also Muslim and the doctor who saved my life by instant treatment he was also a doctor and the nurse who helped me to go back to a normal life she is also a Muslim.  Blaming all Muslim for some scattered heinous attempt nothing but stupidity.”

In the recent time Donald Trump, republican candidate in the upcoming election in US has declared to throw away all the Muslims if he got elected and also ensured that he will vanish IS (Islamic States) forever. But how far his words are logical. It seems that he has shown his personal hatred and disliking to Islam in his words.

I  born in a Muslim family, however I do not claim myself a truly devoted Muslim as I personally do not believe  some  nonsense fundamentals of Islam but  one thing I can say that the anarchy that has done by IS for the sake of insulting Islam or restoring Islam in the world is nothing but madness of some sick people.  The true fact will be like that they do not have any idea about Islam and its principals.  I can bet on this. I admit that my knowledge is that not much mature enough but I can say Islam cannot say of killing people mercilessly, because religion is every individual’s personal belonging, belief. You cannot force anybody to impose your thought, belief to any body and Islam is totally in this side.

For an instance I can make you remember you fanatic people that is the last speech of Mohammad in the Hajj where he announced publicly that your religion is your belief and your belonging. You cannot force anybody to accept your one. He or she has every right to follow his or her own religion. So you should not say anything even about other religion. But, you can invite them to make them know the best thing about your religion, Islam, but can’t force them to listen even if anyone has no interest at all.

 If you give a little look to consider the present condition of Islam, you cannot blame Donald Trump for his announcement of throwing out Muslim from his state. Because when a Muslim can kill innocent people mercilessly he is not human being, he is less inferior than animal. The anarchy that the fanatic people spread by the name of insulting and restoring Islam in the world is nothing but a complete act of terrorism. For the crime of some fanatic people, the name of Islam defamed, it is now considered as religion of terrorism. That is why everywhere you go especially in Europe or America, if your passport belong Islam as your religion the first thing that peeps at the security intelligence mind is, ‘is he carrying bomb for any suicidal attack’? That is the real scenario of Muslim, moreover you cannot argue more about Muslim because of those fanatic people act.

So, what you all Muslim should do to restore Islam’s pride and fundamentalism? Did you think ever? I guess not as I am very much active in social media!  I am afraid whether the Muslims will like my logic that I belong in my heart, but bear me a little as you Muslim are the most tolerant, generous in heart as per as your religion!  I will finish in very short time by asking you a single question, that is “Did you ever claim that IS is not our people, they are doing all these anarchies for the sake of their own interest and madness?” “Did you dare ever?

If you do not please do not keep yourself inactive any more.  Take action immediately as a Muslim until it will too late to save Islam in the world. Ask your father, brother, sister, son or daughter to stop all these anarchies that they are doing the name of Islam, as the IS  may be someone’s father, brother, sister , son or daughter! So be the hero right now otherwise one day you will not find single trace of Muslim or if though have they will be the defamed one who cannot speak up about the greatness and novelty of Islam.  Say spontaneously that “IS is not Muslim group, they are unity of self motive, selfish people, who are busy in working for their interest. Threw them out of Islam as they are not true Muslim!”  Keep on trying united you all Muslim to make the world ensure that Muslims are not terrorist and Islam that stands for only peace!