ISIS may attack on 31st December night in Bangladesh


If you consider terrorist activities in Bangladesh for last 6 months and start to connect the dots, it is more likely that ISIS through their local representative organisation has already planned to attack in different places, especially in crowded places, on New Year eve. My best guess is, possible places may be Dhaka and Cox’s Bazaar.

As I mentioned in one of my article before few months, how British tourists were attacked in sea beach and I clearly suspected a similar attack in Bangladesh; as ISIS is trying to establish their foothold in Bangladesh. ISIS is trying to publicize their terrorist activities in Bangladesh, which proves that Bangladesh is their new target of operation. I don’t think, main ISIS organisation has that much time to do all these attacks, rather they might organize attack through local extremist groups.

So far from different attacks, it is clear that the types of attacks normally take place in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle-east; same types of attacks are taking place in Bangladesh. From attacks in Europe and West, it is clear that ISIS nominates a person to lead the attacks in certain region and that person actually plan and monitor the attack using the so called jihadists locally. I believe already a mastermind is nominated to plan and execute all the attacks in Bangladesh.

On 31 December night, people will try to attend different entertaining programme in Dhaka and in Cox’s Bazaar sea beach. Foreigners will also be there in huge numbers and this will be the most lucrative target for ISIS to carry out terrorist attacks like bombing or killings. It will not only grab the international attention through media, but also will establish their further reach in international terrorism in south east Asia.

It is proven and accepted by Police in Bangladesh that JMB is acting as the local representative of ISIS in Bangladesh. Before couple of days, a bomb blast incident took place in Rajshahi and ISIS claimed the responsibility of the attack. Now why Rajshahi? If you remember the start of JMB, they started from Rajshahi. JMB had always strong hold in Rajshahi and Bangla Bhai showed their power initially in Rajshahi and slowly went to country wide. I can sense the same again.

It is already late, but not too late. I hope government ( which does not want to accept existence of ISIS in Bangladesh) will realize the risk I stated and will try to do something to stop any terrorist attack in New Year eve. Government must not rely up on Bangladeshi police only, they must take help from international agencies who are capable to deal with sort of issues.