ISIS and Bangladeshi banned organisations are targeting young children & women as fresh recruit


ISIS has made their position in golbal terrorism firmly already. No doubt about that. Whole world is fighting against them and they are also loosing their fighters daily. After the death of Al-qaeeda leader Osama bin Laden, ISIS came into light to lead the world terrorism in gloval scale. The most devastating step taken by ISIS is, it is targeting young children and women as fresh recruit. Normally, law enforcement agencies keep eye on adult male on any kind of suspicious movement. But law enforcement agencies do not give that much importance on how young children and female are communicating or what they are doing. ISIS has taken this weak point of intelligence and using it as an opportunity to fill their gaps in battle field. Even in battle, women are used for resource replenishment, as suicide bombers so as the young children. The children who are physically fit to fight, are sent to front line with weapons.

It is very difficult for ISIS recruit easily from USA, Europe where law enforcement agencies are well trained and capable to tackle this process; eventhough fresh recruits of ISIS are travelling from these regions regularly in few numbers. But for the third world developing countries like Bangladesh, it is nearly impossible to tackle this recruitment by ISIS. ISIS is simply using the local resources, like banned organisations, to recruit new fighters. Plus point for ISIS in Bangladesh is that already so many brain washed young people are available to go for so called Jihad. New findings is that a group of people are going for this sort of suicide mission even for money for thier family. Financial situation in Bangladesh forcing a group of people to list their names for so called wholy war.

ISIS local recruiting agents in Bangladesh are, Hizbut Tahrir, Harkatul Jihad, Jamatul Mujahideen (JMB), Ansarullah Bangla Tem and few more banned organisation. Few of these terrorist organisations are brocken and members of those organisations have joined in to organisations like Hizbut Tahrir and Ansarullah Bangla Team who are still active strongly. It is found that members of Hizbut Tahrir are well educated, financially solvent and from high class family background. Members of Hizbut Tahrir are mainly brain washed and got branches in almost all the universities in Banladesh. It is easier for them to recruit young people from universities, colleges etc. Where as, Ansarullah Bangla Team has got more deapth in Islamic educational system like, Madrasah. They are focusing to recruit young people from country side’s madrasahs. Normally poor children are reading in madrasahs and besides they are motivated already to sacrifice thier life for so called religious war. Therefore, both the banned organisations have got advantage on their area of operations and have got upperhand than NGOs or government to stop extremism. These recruits are trained locally and made fit to join international terrorist organisations.

Both the organisations have got female wing to motivate and recruit female activists. They are used to blackmail officials, used in the supply chain of weapon and boms as females are at low risk of checked by law enforcement agencies. If you remember the serial bombing all over Bangladesh by JMB, you can find that all the persons kept the bombs before blast were not regular militants by JMB. They used 90% regular young children to keep the bombs in the desired place to avoid any suspicion. So, young children and female were always target to be converted into islamic extremist by these banned organisation.

As it is getting harder day by day for ISIS to recruit new fighters from other regions, they are targeting young generations and female from Bangladesh to join them. Besides, government or law enforcement agencies are not at all bothered about this, rather their thinking is that at least number of people getting less without family planning from Bangladesh. (how funny). But the government is not forseeing that what kind of danger is coming on its way and on the way of the country in near future. We have to take immediate actions to prevent this, otherwise we will leave a hell for our next generation in Bangladesh. Or there may be even no Bangaldesh, ISIS may take over Bangladesh and make it Islamic State in Bangladesh.