There is no sound around except horn of some buses and some ambulance siren now. It’s 1.15 AM now. Through my window I can see some lights like stars and the dark sky. Its very difficult now to differentiate where the sky is finished and the Dhaka city started.

I am feeling like going out now and want to walk around; to see the city. I was watching a black & white movie of old time before couple of weeks, I am feeling the city like the same way now. Because in that movie I found how calm and quite was this city. There were no flyovers, no city lights, not so many private cars and buses; but it was good. Just now, its even much more quite now.

Tomorrow is strike again. My children and us do not know, actually how many days they have gone to school this year. I have to pay fees for the school, even though there were no classes going on. However, coming back to strike subject.

Last few months, there were strike from BNP. Now due to hanging of Jamat-E- Islami late leader Kamaruzzaman, there is strike again tomorrow; though this political party announced strike day before yesterday for 48 hours strike (however, they were fooled by situation. their leader was not hanged).

One train is just going passed my area. Nice sound. For the Chaos during the day, I missed these sorts of things.

If this strike were from BNP, people would not react now a days, they were habituated. Now Jamat-e-islami strike, so everyone is scared. So far I know, other political parties except Jamat is participating in City corporation election; why Jamat is missing? Are they scared? or they don’t have suitable candidate? Earlier I have observed them to participate in these sort of elections. But what happened this time?

Some of Jamat’s top level leaders are in jail now. But I don’t believe it to be so small organization to be finished or vanished like this. So, are they hiding? Why they should hide? If not where are they?

Now a days lots of killings going on; are these killings are going on as per the planning of Jamat in the banner of other underground organisations? I don’t think so, because if Jamat has to do something like this, they have Shibir; they can use shibir cadres to do all these murders. So, where are they?

What is their strategy now? Are they finished? Are they re-organizing? or Jamat-E- Islami is going underground?

If Jamat-e-Islam goes underground, then it will be most scary news for all of general people like us. Because they will not know when and what is going to come from where. So far I have heard, they have so many members who have already fought war in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. Our inter religious harmony within the city will be poisoned, if they do so. If you don’t believe, then wait and see. If they go underground in near future or any future in Bangladesh, then my wish to go outside at calm and quite night like this will be a nightmare. None will have the courage to live freely within this country.