Secular blogger Ananta Bijoy Das was murdered in Sylhet today. What is happening in Bangladesh. He used to work in a bank. Look at this picture. In any way he looks threat to the society. Then why he was murdered by radical groups. I have written so many times on this issue, but nothing happening. All the bloggers are left alone by the government to die and they are doing simply nothing on it.

I am informed that he was activist in ‘Gonojagoron Moncho’ and he was writing in ‘ Mukto Mona’ blog site by ‘ Ovijit Roy’. Who are this people killing these innocent writers and bloggers. Now they are trying to tie up with international terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda. I am not quite sure whether they are actually with them or not, but terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda will definitely will take the chance to exploit this small local groups and try to fund them and take the credit for these murders.

Has anyone thought about the other part of the story? He was doing good in his professional field, he could do better as a banker. He has family, what is happening to them. None is telling about their sufferings. As I said in my earlier articles, everyone will forget about these murders after some days and life will go on. They are the fighter with pen in this dumb society.

The more you kill, the more we will write. We will write to say against the radicalization in this society, extremism in this society. Do you think you can win, NO. We have more modern brains than yours. You are nothing but the insects of wastage of this society.

To my all blogger friends, do not stop, do not afraid of anything. Just write, write and write. These radical people will stop one day, they will become tired of killing people, their weapons will be weakened, they will loose their hope. Because to fight a battle, first point of motivation is the righteousness of cause, which they don’t have. This dark era is for certain period. It will be over very soon.

I have submitted so many articles to many newspapers, but they are scared to publish it, whether they will loose their license from government authority to publish. I am developing a online magazine, where anyone can publish their real voice to reach the world. It will be published very soon, it’s under development.

How many lives need to be sacrificed to get the authorities attention, I don’t know. But government should understand that (even they don’t care for the lives of these innocent bloggers), these killings damaging the image of Bangladesh all over the world. We have already lost our freedom to expression far ago, now what they want? We should just keep quite and act as wooden doll? Is it ‘ MOGER MULLUK’. Till I am alive, I will not let it happen.