Extremism and radicalization is going to increase in 2018 in Bangladesh


Extremism and radicalization is going to increase a lot in Bangladesh next year. There are many factors which are going to help this growth. Rohingya population in Bangladesh, ISIS defeat in their territory, national election, opposition political parties activities – all are going to come together next year and all these are going to fertilize the extremism and radicalized view in Bangladesh. Already, radicalized society which is passing through a dark time, above factors are going to explode the bubble in all aspects.

I am not against the Rohingya and their safety offered by Bangladesh. But my concern is they will be manipulated by opportunists to recruit them in terrorist activities within Bangladesh. These poor people who are desperately need financial help, will do everything to survive. I don’t find any possibility from Bangladeshi government to help them financially. I have already heard that women have got themselves involved in prostitution for earning money. This shows how desperate they are. Men and young children are going to be the main target of the terrorist groups who will be recruited for terrorist activities and they will find it as easiest way to earn quick cash. Problem here is, they are already motivated by their faith, so terrorist organisations need not to do anything but throwing cash at them. This is going to be one of the most dangerous threat to humanity.

ISIS is in huge pressure recently for losing their ground in middle east, specially after losing their declared capital. Already lots of IS terrorist are from Bangladesh and IS already operating from Bangladesh. Now, being a easy operational hideout, IS is going to increase their presence and activities in Bangladesh. So, from now onward we will see huge increase in the radicalized and extreme terrorist activities in Bangladesh.

Political scenario in Bangladesh is already mess. Next year, there is national election. Even in normal situation Bangladeshi national election brings lots of chaos, extreme violence. But this time it is going to involve terrorist and radicalized groups. Already Awami league backing extremist groups like Hefajat-E-Islam who are involved with killings of secular bloggers and journalists. They are backing Ansarullah Bangla Team which is now known as Ansar Al Islam. Jamat is also going to throw their full force to this chaos. BNP already started their political game by arranging a attack on their own leader yesterday. It shows how violent this election is going to be.

On the other hand, Awami League is going to use their full force to stop others politically and on the ground. Now all the banned islamic terrorist organisations will take this opportunity to kill innocent people specially to complete their own agenda. It’s going to be the perfect time for terrorist organisations to get themselves settled in Bangladesh and break a deal with the government. And AL government will agree to it, because they will loose the national election.

At the end, only this country will loose. I will not be surprised to see next year onward, everyone including international community will consider Bangladesh as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria.