Existence of ISIS in Bangladesh and Dangerous future


I was watching ITV news at ten last night and scared to know about the killing incident in Tunisia at Sousse beach. 39 people were killed and this murder was conducted on innocent tourists who have gone there for their breaks from hard and routine life with their family. This killing mission was executed cool headed and well planned. ISIS is now name of terror all over the world. What a shame that innocent people who have been thier for leisur were targeted for terrorism.

I have already written in my previous articles that ISIS is now trying to extend their wings into countries like Bangladesh. Banned organisations like, Hizbullah, Hizbut Tahrir, Ansarullah Bangla Team etc. are taking this chance to upgrade their brand name and trying to make connections with international terrorist organisations. Before few years, Al-Qaeda was in lime light for their international presence, which is taken over by ISIS after death of Osama Bin Laden. There is a basic difference between ISIS and Al-Qaeda and that is Al-Qaeda is just a terrorist organisation with no goal towards forming an independent state, whereas ISIS is terrorising with a structured military level plan for independent state. ISIS is trying to reach out for fresh recruitment when western countries started fighting against ISIS and lots of Jihadis were dead during this war against terror. Bangladesh is one of the suitable land for ISIS for recruitment and remote operational activities as most of the people are already terrorised and afraid of local terrorist organisations; overall Bangladeshi law enforcement agencies are not capable enough to deal with ISIS activities in Bangladesh.

Now think, where is the largest sea beach in the world? The answer is ‘Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh’. Don’t you think when ISIS will establish their strong foothold in Bangladesh, they will target these trourist places as they did last night. I have been in Cox’s Bazaar and for your kind information, at any time you will find thousands of tourists there to be ISIS’s next target.

ISIS global leaders or Jihadists are not going to come and operate in Bangladesh; rather local banned organisations will be acting and operating on their behalf. If ISIS get the chance to operate succesfully in Bangladesh, then think about their area of operation. If they are successful, then they will be the biggest ruler in land area ie, one-third of the world. They will become super power which will be the most shocking news of the history of mankind. Can you imagine on that?

I can simply tell you that Bangladeshi governemnt and all the agencies don’t have the knowledge and technical soundness to deal with this sort of organisation or situation, they have failed people. Bangladeshi government is so busy with getting personal gains, they cannot protect a single persons like political leaders are abducted, bloggers are murdered, teachers are murdered etc; how they can protect a country? International bodies and international community must act now to advice and help Bangldesh, not only to protect innocent people of Bangladesh but also for the interest of their own country. Because existence of ISIS in Bangladesh will not only harm Bangladesh, but also will put other countries in danger.