Eid: become a mean to broaden up the gap between rich and the poor


Eid , is one of the most important day for the entire Muslim Ummah. In this day Muslim brothers and sisters get united and embraced each other forgetting the clash and difference of classes. According to Islam the rich and the poor both will stand in a same row and forget their class. But quite unexpectedly I have to say that the principle of the Islam has been violated. The Eid celebration is nothing just a mere show off. This is what I observe these days while I celebrate Eid every year.

Islam says all is equal to the eye of Allah and he ordered his creation to come together and enjoy the break of fast with each other by forgetting class and race difference. But the picture is different here. Here you see people who are of high class busy in spending much money on buying clothes and other stuffs more than their need. It seems that Eid comes for them to buy luxury after a month of fast.

On the other hand, just pay a look to the working class people who worked harder entire Ramadan besides fasting only to manage their required necessities in the occasion month.  It is really a matter of great regret that when a rickshaw puller can not buy a cloth for his little princess and the sister who work in the garments dawn to dusk cannot manage enough money to buy small gift  for her family.

This is a matter of another regret that Muslims are used to pay ‘Jakat’ in the occasion of Eid.  It is decided in the principals of Islam’s that how much a Muslim has to pay an amount as a payment of his wealth rectification.   By distributing this percentage his wealth will be hundred percent ‘ Halal’. Yes, the high classes’ people provide ‘Jakat’ but the quantity is too less than their wealth proportion. Moreover, maximum use ‘ Jakat’ as a medium of show off or getting  publicity.  That is why the make announcement before providing ‘ Jakat’ so that more people congregated and they could get more publicity. Even while providing jakat they do not maintain any security so that the innocent needy people have to die in the rush. For example you can see the incident of Mymensingh , where 27 innocent people were killed while they were waiting to taking ‘ Jakat’ and there are much more what the media do not cover .

If you talk about all these irregularities in the society, I guess the night will be over in writing and reading but your writing will not.  I just understand one thing from my personal experience that the actual principles of Islam what is decided by almighty Allah is violated every day.  So it is high time to be  a little bit sensible for the sake of our well being. We should remember that the festivals are not to make us realize our difference but to bridge it up.