Complacency of Bangladesh Government on terrorism in Bangladesh


Bangladeshi government is very much complacent on terrorism in Bangladesh recently. If you look at the government now, you will never be able to imagine about what just happened in Bangladesh. None is talking or discussing about further preventive steps needed to stop future terrorism in Bangladesh. I am surprised to see after hundreds of killings in last few years in the name of religious beliefs and terrorism, all of a sudden all the government officials are talking about other issues; whereas future of terrorism in Bangladesh must be the vital point for Bangladesh now.

Including the police and RAB, government looks very complacent about what they have done so far. But looking at the world terrorism, you can simply identify that local and international terrorists are not going to sit tight. If, at all, government killed few local terrorists, does not mean that terrorism from Bangladesh is gone forever. Rather it is a critical point where you must continue to act, take further steps and work with international community to act against terror.

Each and everyday, all the terrorists are showing their power all over the world and trying to show their, so called, religious views. This radical fundamental ideology is destroying the humanity and the world. This destruction is going nowhere. Western countries trying their best to fight against terrorism. Being a small country in south asia, Bangladesh is doing nothing significant; rather instability in political field is helping terrorism to grow bigger. Bangladesh is one of the easiest country to recruit terrorists. If you pay anyone little amount of money, you can get a suicide bomber. In fact, most of the people in Bangladesh, now a days, are fundamentalists. Specially, in a muslim family in Bangladesh, all the family members are taught radicalism. And you don’t get a choice, as a child, to choose your view and faith.

Bangladeshi government is sitting on a almost exploded bomb. You never know when it is going to explore. But they are not at all concern about that. When a Prime Minister of a country is radicalized and ministers stands against secularism, you cannot expect anything more from them. General public of the country is having day dream and they are busy with their livelihood. Everyone must understand that prevention is better than to cure.