Brussels Attack and upcoming uncertainty


Europe is once again shook by the attack in Brussels. After the Paris attack in November 2015, following attack in Europe was expected. Before few days, the planner of Paris attack was arrested by police. It is told that police was rather waiting for this attack; but were the police able to prevent it? Najim Laachraoui, named as one of the attacker in yesterday’s Zaventem airport attack, has been arrested by police. Will this arrest will stop so called IS to execute further terror attack on innocent people in future, to me, that is the main question.

I can’t remember exactly, but I have read in one of the articles that IS has always been one step ahead of the security forces. As a result, they are planning and executing all these bomb attacks. Arresting the attackers after the arrest is not going to prevent loss of innocent people. Security forces in western countries are well equipped and trained; and also they are very good at intelligence. Even after this standard of security, if they fail to prevent IS attacks, then what will happen to the third wold countries?

In last Paris attack, attackers targeted very soft targets. But this time, explosions took place in airport and metro station. And so far I know, Brussels’ security alert was in high level. Then how these attackers pass through all these checks to blow themselves up in the incident area? Are they really ahead of the game plan?

IS has threaten to execute further attacks in Europe in future. After the Paris and Brussels attack, it will put huge mental pressure for the general public of Europe. It will be very difficult to feel safe anywhere. For last few months of migration issues Europe has tighten its border control. That means, these attackers may be European citizen or they have reached Europe with the plan for attack well before. But it is clear that after the arrest of the Paris attacker, IS wanted to send the massage to West that they are not falling back. Their threat has increased the uncertainty to people’s mind.

I believe, security forces should step up their actions to prevent further attack. Because they already know that IS will try to attack in Europe and USA. Therefore, they should increase the intelligence surveillance more and prevent future attacks. A silent war is going on between terror and peace in Europe, and peace must prevail.