Bangladesh is hosting Terrorists


Bangladesh is hosting terrorists within it’s territory. Among all the reasons, political and religous weakness is most significant. Bangladeshi politics will always avoid taking stand against fundamenlism. Politicians think that if they do or say anything which is against Muslims, will spark vote lost in election. This is the only reason none of the political parties are going to do practically anything to reform this country. This country will remain the heaven for international and local fundamentalists and terrorists. They know this political weakness and they will completely bag it as much they can.

Recent days, terrorists around the world are taking different strategies to hide. Before couple of weeks, a Bangladeshi terrorist who bombed in New York, is a clear example of what’s happening in Bangladesh. He visited Bangladesh recently. I have been talking about for ages, international terrorist organisation backed home grown terrorists are growing and getting trained. Their initial targets before few years were domestic. They have grown so much, now they are even targeting internationally.

This government always denied about the fact that beside local Islamists terrorists, international terrorists like ISIS and Al Qaeda has already formed their base in Bangladesh. Where is that Retd. Maj Zia who is running Ansarullah Bangla Team? Why government could not find him? This government does not even want to arrest him. They will use them as friend. These local islamist terrorists are backed by government, international terrorist organisations and funded by so called Islamic organisations and countries.

Bangladeshi government is trying to show international community that they are arresting home grown fundamentlists, but in fact, they could not arrest them. They have been so much highly brain washed by these militants that they are blowing themselves up. They don’t care for their family members even. This fool Akayedur who self detonated a DIY bomb in New York has got six month old child, even this young child could not have any effect on this cruel terrorists. What is the point killing other innocent human beings? What they have done to you?

There is a big connection between two things. One is timing of Rohingya settlement and defeat of IS in middle east. I am definitely sure, lots of terrorists have taken this advantage and if you check the camp, I am sure you will find lots of criminals and terrorists there. I am not blaming real Rohingya refugees, they are the innocent victim of so called international politics; my point is more about state backed terrorism. Bangladeshi government has not even realised what danger is waiting for them in future. If you host a criminal and terrorist, they will take over your place; and that is going to happen soon. They are nobody’s friend.

Bangladeshi government is backing and hosting these terrorists, because they wanted to use them to hurt political oppositions during next national election. They wanted to keep their hand clean and get an issue to win general public. But this has got dangerous implication in future. Even if the government wants to get rid of them, they will not go. They have already groomed lots of local terrorists for this opportunity. They have already cultivated this land for long time. Now they are going to wait for the right opportunity. Bad time is alreay in front of us!