Bangladesh hiding IS in the name of New JMB in the country


For last few years, Bangladeshi government and administration is hiding IS existence and they are mentioning them as new JMB. Though they are nothing but IS. However, Bangladeshi government is always trying to deny the presence of IS within the country to avoid any international attention. But terrorist attacks in different places pushed the government back. However, instead of agreeing that IS is involved in those attacks, government mentioning them as new JMB.

Who are this new JMB?

These are the trained and new recruits by IS. Ansaruallah Bangla Team which is now known more as Ansar Al Islam got connected with Al Qaedah. On the other hand, IS tried to recruit more and strengthen their back office activities in south eastern asia and Bangladesh is their main place to execute that. They are successful to do that and we have already seen huge involvement of Bangladeshis in IS war front.

After the Gulshan attack, few Bangladeshis released video on youtube claiming the responsibility of the attack and praised the attacker. They also mentioned that similar kind of attacks are coming in future. After that we have seen there were other terrorist attacks in RAB HQ in Dhaka. They are highly equipped and trained.

Police trying to show for last few months their achievements by raiding few terrorist houses in different part of the country. Now my question is, among all the raids, how many terrorists were arrested alive? So far I can remember NONE. So, is that a real achievement for now by law enforcement agencies or that is a massive failure for them to protect the country from future attacks?

Police has no intelligence about this. If they are lucky to arrest others connecting to other crimes and if they get the information, then they raid. They are not taking any kind of initiatives to gather intelligence. I don’t even expect anything from them. Because they are not capable for it. They don’t have that training and equipment to do so. That is the reason, international terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda and IS is organizing their worst case scenario base in Bangladesh.

Has Bangladeshi government taken any steps to stop the activities of Ansarullah Bangla Team ie, new Ansar Al Islam for last couple of years? Why suddenly there is no significant steps are taken on this? Because, government does not really want to stop it. They always supported the killing of bloggers and journalists by ABT.

Now they are trying to show off with few raids against terrorists, but in fact these are going to stop. I can gurantee you that before 1 year of next national election there will be more terrorist attacks by fundamentalist groups and government will show that they are the only chance for people to stop them. And when the national election will be over, they will stop everything. They will never bother about general public. Only we will suffer, we will die by these IS and other fundamentalist radical activists.

Matter of shame, people of Bangladesh has already accepted these as part of their daily life. None bothers, none cares and all muslims of this country are somehow blind with their religious so called beliefs. They are not ready to respect others’ opinion. It’s not too far that Bangladesh is turning to be another strong hold of IS and Al Qaeda. It will not depend on the international community whether they want to let it happen or not.