Attack of terrorism – London to Sylhet


Attacks of terrorism is increased recently around the world. Last week only, terrorist has attacked at the heart of democracy in London and terrorists are showing their colour in the other part of the world in Bangladesh. I read online that IS is loosing their ground in middle east recently and their leader has ordered the IS fighters to blow themselves up at will. As a result, I think, the number of attacks by IS around the world has increased. Most of the cases, all are suicide attacks.

I have to really discuss about the attack in London. This attacker has targeted innocent students, police officers and pedestrians. A human being has to be a mad to do that which I believe he was. A normal human being cannot do that. This attacker cannot be called a human being. IS trying to take this opportunity to claim the responsibility of this attack. It is too early to comment on the actual reason. I cannot find any reason for this kind of madness.

On the other hand, Bangladeshi government is now facing the real truth which they tried to hide from eyes of everyone for so long. They have always denied IS presence in Bangladesh. Then they branded IS in Bangladesh as new JMB to hide the true identity of this terrorist organisation and their connection with IS. It has been revealed that lots of Bangladeshi terrorist is fighting for IS. Definitely, there is connection with IS. Because as soon as the attacks take place in Bangladesh, IS publishes that in their publication.

For last week, there were suicide attack in RAB area, suicide bombing in front of international airport. Till now army is trying to capture some terrorist in Sylhet. If an army takes days to unarm terrorists within a building; then you must understand the capability and strength of the terrorist present their. A normal thugs cannot have this kind of strength with weapons and explosives. They must be well resourced and trained.

I think, IS is relocating their core presence now. I have been telling about this for a long time. But it is being executed now. They are trying to move towards east of their present location. They want to keep their core remain after strong campaign by western countries. It will be comparatively much easier for them to hide and regroup in countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. And they are exactly doing that.

I believe, IS is going to keep continue their lone wolf attacks around west, but will move their operational HQ towards countries in sub-continent. Problem is western countries have resources and trained personal to fight against this terrorist organisation; but countries like Bangladesh don’t have anything. Matter of shame, Bangladeshi government is ready to sell the country to terrorist to achieve their political gain. Bangladeshi politicians are still day dreaming that nothing is going to happen where general public will have to pay for this.