Ansarullah Bangla Team: a coward organisation


Ansarullah Bangla Team is a name of an organisation which is consisted of cowards and black sheeps of Bangladesh and neibourging countries. They are now banned in Bangladesh, but why? Have they been doing charity works for Bangladeshi people for last years? Then why they were not banned earlier. They have been killing people all over Bangladesh. I am calling them coward, because they are such an organisation who does not have courage to face the truth and works in dark behind the screen. Recently they have threteaned few Bangladeshi scholars in different professions and fields which is so cowardly act and deserve a slap from the general public.

This is a sovereign country and people have the rights leave freely, though that is questionable in Bangladesh. But how Ansarullah Bangla Team gets power and courage to send these threats publicly, I can’t imagine. Is it a free country? None in this country enjoy minimum rights of freedom already for the pressure of corruption and governemnt, now these sort of organisations are taking chances to exploit these gaps and utilizing it perfectly. In April, I was threatened and was attacked by them. What happened, nothing. Law enforcement agencies are not bothered about this. Rather I have seen law enforcing agencies are very much interested to give more imporatance to cases like dispute of lands and money, as they will gain bribe from both the parties. What a shame.

Due to the neglegencies of these agencies and government, organisations like Ansarullah Bangla Team are dare enough to grow to a extremist group and now they are growing connection with ISIS. Did anyone listen to that? I have said so many times in my articles, but newspapers does not want to publish these articles, because they fear that if they do so, their newspaper publication will be closed by the government. Matter of fact, this is 21st century and era of internet. I have recently started a blog site named where all the truth can be published. Few authors are contributing already. Very first question to me was, is it going to be dangerous to write and publish their article in my blog site? Well few of them were really couragious and continuing writing, few stopped. I want to grow this, because our voice to be heard by the governemnt and related authorities.

Ansarullah Bangla Team is called ‘ABT’ in short, I discovered it recently. I did not realized when they mentioned in in one of comments posted in one of my article. Suddenly, I started thinking about those letter and it was clear to me that they are using ‘ABT’ as their call name, like code name. They have also different teams with numbers, like 1,2,3 etc. These different teams are used and assigned with different tasks. One of the detective said before few days that they are working strategy is building slipper cells so that they can not traced back. Intelligent, but nothing new. These strategy already used. But it shows the cowardness of this organisation.

It is a must duty for the government, I doubt on that though, to use all the intelligence agencies to find members and structures of Ansarullah Bangla Team and bring them to justice very urgently. I tried to mean not only conventional intelligence agencies, intelligence agencies of Army, Navy, Air force, Interpole or other interested intelligence agencies to get involve. Otherwise, they are getting out of control. We can not loose more scholars in Bangladesh, we have already lost lots during ’71 and after that. This organisation must be destroyed, demolished to the bottom. Bring each one of them from their hide outs and bring them into trial for justice.