‘Ansar Al Islam’ is banned now in Bangladesh


‘Ansar Al Islam’ which is another name of the most notorious fundamentalist militant group of Bangladesh ‘Ansarullah Bangla Team’. This new named group is now banned in Bangladesh from today. There are lots of questions still unanswered about this group of militants. What took government to ban this group so much of time? What happened to the original Ansarullah Bangla Team? Is banning the group is going to stop the group from what they are doing? What is the depth of their connection with international terrorist organisations?

Recently one of the US senior official of military commented that he is sure about the connection between Bangladeshi militant groups and international terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS. He has proof and evidences regarding this. As usual Bangladeshi government denied it, specially police. Al Qaeda leader said about the connections and praised them in his propaganda videos. Bangladeshi militants in IS already published many videos regarding their activities and praising the terrorist took part in Gulshan attack. Still government is keeping their eyes closed on this.

It is very difficult to make someone understand what is the level of danger with this group in Bangladesh. People like me can feel it and become a target. People in Bangladesh, specially those who are trying to raise their voice against militants, religious darkness, against fundamentalism are automatic target of this group. They are funded by international terrorist organisations. Their members are regular people as they don’t need to do much to motivate them to join this group.

By banning this group, government is trying to show that they are fighting against terrorism in Bangladesh. But in fact, government is forced by so called religious leaders in Bangladesh to introduce Islamic fundamentalism in this year’s text books for schools. Civil society is also scared to raise their voice against it, as they know they will become the targets of both government and militant groups.

This Ansar Al Islam is not going to sit tight; rather they are regrouping to attack more people. These people are the black sheep of the society and overall for the mankind. The most dangerous part is, you don’t know who is part of it. Anyone around you may be part of it and one day you will find yourself dead on the road or in your house. They are now using weapons like guns and explosives beside their traditional knives.

By changing their name, they have proved that they are now more organised and powerful. They are now well funded and well connected. They are now more resourceful. Police could not find yet their leader for the military wing who was a former major in Bangladesh Army.

We are still raising our voice from different parts of the world and those who are still hiding inside the country. These mental Islamic militants are damaging the whole world. My request to all bloggers against these militants, don’t stop writing even you are afraid of these dangerous groups or even they are trying to kill you. If we stop, then there will be none to stand against these culprits.