Allahu Akbar and Slaughtering People


If we are talking about slaughtering people in Bangladesh, then Islami Chatra Shibir (student wing of Jamat-E-Islami) had the sole copyright of this method of killing people for few decades. I heard so many stories of slaughtering people by Islami Chatra Shibir in my locality. I was so young to feel the fear of it and used to think that why people are so scared of even listening to this incidents? Time has gone by and now I know why people were so scared of those incidents.

Now a days, slaughtering people by saying Allahu Akbar has become the part of tool of extremist terrorist organisations in Bangladesh. Once upon a time, these extremists organisations used to kill the minor groups in Bangladesh. But situation is changed. Now they are killing Muslims as well. So, these terrorist activities are no more religious, rather this has become of political achievement. Thus extremist groups were linked with Bangladeshi political parties in different time.

Mr. Khijir was murdered at his own home who used to be practiced Muslim. A Christian priest was attempted murder by slaughtering by extremists at his own home. These two incidents were very similar; as an advance group visited both the house before the incidents and then came back to slaughter both the individuals. If you look at the two foreigner killings in Bangladesh, then you will also find similarity in those killings. Pattern of those killings were same.

Why I am telling about those 4 incidents? Because, all those incidents have occurred within a very short spam of time and intentional to me. Someone or some group wants to declare some massage through these killings. They are trying to send the massage of their foothold in Bangladesh.

Mr. Khijir was murdered in his home at the floor where there was mosque. Now what kind of Islamic extremist would say Allahu Akabar while slaughtering a person in mosque. These extremists are brained wash in such a way, that they think that they will go to heaven for these killings. Actually, the people who are calling themselves as muslim extremists are not even muslims. I have no problem with what religious belief they have, rather I am interest in what they are trying to achieve and who are behind them?

Being in twenty first century, when science has achieved so much progress; people are still running after their God and trying to establish their religious beliefs. This war has already spread all over the world. It seems like, third world war which everyone was waiting for is imminent.

I believe everyone, not only in Bangladesh, all over the world must stop running after religious wars and be part of the constructive development through scientific achievements. The amount of money wasted by radical extremists and by governments to attack the extremists could have been invested in development of mankind and for the development of society.

For people to think, Allahu Akbar is no more the slogan of muslims any more. It has become the slogan of extremism and terrorism.