All the blacklisted radical organisation: Role of ISIS in Bangladesh


Before few days I wrote an article on presence of ISIS in Bangladesh. After writing that article, Bangladesh government blacklisted Ansarullah Bangla Team, one the most radical terrorist organisations who are responsible for killing bloggers in Bangladesh. Now it has become a matter of existence for all the blacklisted 17 organisations. Jamat-E-Islami and its student wing Shibir are also getting connected with those terrorist organisations who are in blacklist, because the process of banning Jamat-E-Islam and its other wings is at the ministry of law. I am expecting the process to be completed within a year. Therefore, all these extremist radical organisations are planning to make a forum which will put them in the same platform. Very few of them are trying to keep their activities going in other names temporarily.

So far the information received, most of the blacklisted organisations are trying to connect themselves with ISIS. Already few organisatioins were connected with Al-Qaeda before. Now all theese terrorist organisations in Bangladesh wanting to form a single group or work closely to take actions against the country and continue their activities. If it is correct, then thier financial, tactical and technological strength will be higher. Because Al-Qaeda or ISIS are very much stronger already in these sectors. If those two international terrorist organisations include these local terrorist organisations then, dark era of the humanity is on our way for Bangladesh.

Few members of ISIS were arrested by detective branch of police in Bangladesh recently, which gives an indication that ISIS is operating or recruiting from Bangladesh. Or may be terrorists are trying to knot a connection with ISIS. Books, CDs, mobile phones, PCs were found as evidence to their connection with ISIS though, ISIS has not claimed anything yet. But it is fully visible that Bangladeshi banned radical organisation are trying to regroup and make a tie with the international terrorist organisations.

Al-Qaeda chief alrady mentioned their presence in south-asia in his audio tape, so I am not going to say much on that. He specially mentioned their presence in Bangladesh. So, governemnt may keep quiet on that issue or does not want to take any step on that thinking that as not a big issue. But believe me, when anything big accident will occur then these small issues ignored will cost us.

As a muslim majority country and most of the people are illiterate, it is very easy for ISIS to recruit prople to work locally and they may recruit for fighting in middle east. So far 10000 ISIS members have died during the war, so they are definitely in need of fresh blood. What can be the better place to recruit new militants than Bangladesh? All the law enforcing agencies are corrupted, government is corrupted; so this is the best place to establish and export militants for war from.

I don’t see any seriousness by the government on these let alone oppositions. Oppositions are now in backfoot by political reasons. So there is none to come forward and say ‘ Hello, don’t you see that our country is going to lose everything very soon. Do something on it’. I have not heard anything from the so called civil society yet, are they bribed as well? I wish not. I don’t know when general public will be awake and stand against it.