Why Brain Drain?


Being an overpopulated country, Bangladesh has a potential human resource. This is the only hope for the country even after struggling with this massive population. However, this aspiration is turning into a problem as most of our educated and talented youth are leaving the homeland. Proper study can accumulate the reasons behind this problem. The education scientists define this shifting of educated and talented people in abroad as “brain drain”.

It has become a tradition of thought of the new generation that the only possible bright future refers to the opportunity to live in abroad after the completion of higher education. Our graduates often cherish the dream of settling in a Europe country or in a highly advanced state. This thought of our educated youth is not merely a dream of them but also it is the byproduct of some of our advancement.

Our city life is covered with numerous problems after all. We are getting urbanized day by day. Our cities are getting industrialized gradually. All the modern facilities and amenities are being attached to our lifestyle. But traffic jam is one of the byproduct of our city life. Extended construction of houses, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls limits the construction of roads for transportation. On the other hand, the increasing population needs an augmented amount of roads and transports. As a result, traffic jam has become an acute problem and is being gigantic each and every day. The city dwellers are fed up with this sort of unsorted problem of city life. Our young students who have to move through the city roads, they curse of being the citizen of such a city that is mingled with such traffic jam. It breeds their dream of going away from their country of origin to a foreign country, which can decorate their life with great advancement but no difficulty.

Scarcity of employment is one of the most vital issues, which is pushing the young generation to go abroad after completing higher education. Our state cannot assure employment opportunity for the increased population. This uncertainty leads our talented youth to search for emigration in foreign country, which can ensure the livelihood for them. Bangladesh cannot afford the excellent incentives for the highly meritorious youths. That is why; the economically advanced countries grasp our talented youths and enhance their development process.

It has been a matter of shame for us as a nation that we are recognized as the most corrupted country in the world though the merit position has lowered nowadays. Our state apparatus is contaminated with the high profile corrupt officials. Government or private, each and every institution is corrupted. In that case, it has become impossible for the job seekers to get a job according to the eligibility. However, the foreign countries can ensure the quality job for the qualified candidates. In this context, anyone can cherish for going abroad only for earning honorable livelihood after having a world-class degree.

The greed for aristocratic lifestyle of Europe and America attracts our young generation to be settled there and enjoy the amenities of life, which is hardly possible in Bangladesh. But this type of mentality is breeding to frustrations also. The job market in the European countries are so attractive that the meritorious and expert scientists, scholars, teachers, doctors, engineers often grasp those opportunities.

The attitude of the guardians has changed a lot since the last two decades. The parents are nowadays have the concept of sending their children to abroad and settling there. They believe that it will be a foolish decision to stay in the country after receiving a high-class degree. Similarly, they spend their all the belongings to send their children to foreign countries. They want them to settle there and earn huge money, which will be more than enough for the family.

Moreover, the education system of the English Medium School is accelerating the brain drain problems by following the foreign education systems and even, certificates are provided from abroad. As a result, most of the children of English Medium Schools dream of going abroad. But, this flow of educated people can be much handy for the resource panel of the country.

The problem of brain drain has a long-term effect on the socioeconomic conditions of Bangladesh. Our potential human resource is leaving us behind. The state has to invest a huge amount of money in educating the youths. When the country needs them to utilize their expertise for the welfare of the country, they leave their own land. Consequently, we are deprived of our own resource, which only belongs to us.

The young generation of modern age hardly posses the love for the country and the nation. Moreover, their knowledge about the history of our independence is nothing. That is why; their patriotism does not develop as much as to serve the nation. But it is really significant to teach a child about our culture, history of nationhood etc. It is the duty of the parents to make their child a true patriot from childhood. This thought of patriotism can help the nation to flourish and advance. Truthfully, a true patriot person works for the betterment of the country.


However, it is a matter of irony of fate, that the young generation of this era often talks high about the country. Secretly, they search for any opportunity to leave the country. This has been a loss of our resource panel which can be utilized for initiating the development as a nation. Now the duty is up to the concerned authority to ensure the proper valuing of merit in every sphere of life. Corrupt practices should be uprooted from the societal and state institutions. We have to make sure that the educated human resource can enjoy the environment of professional life. The civil society can play an immense role in this context. Public consciousness must be enhanced about the negative impacts of brain drain. Then we can utilize our eligible work force potentially for greater benefit.