Safety rules at office to ensure sustainable development at work


All employees have to spend most part of the day in the office. So office environment means a lot for them. There is no confusion that office environment has positive impact on their motion. So questions peeps at your mind how will be the office type?

Well, the first thing that you need to emphasize on is office size. It should be sufficiently large, where adequate light and air can move easily. A maximum distance must be kept between the two desks in the office. It is difficult to work in packed condition in the office. So it is must to maintain maximum distance between the two desks so that you can maintain privacy of your work.

It is seen that on research if office room is nicely decorated and tidy, relaxation is visible in employees mind. The improvement of work is also notable in nicely decorated and tidy office environment. If you have sufficiently large office desk, you will get enough space to keep important official documents, files and computer. Of course,  a completely decorated office desk helps me to work comfortably and more efficiently.

In office it is must to have sufficient electricity supply system. To ensure   proper working advancement in office, even on when there is no electricity connection. Office authority should provide generator and instant power supply (IPS) service in the office.

Usually women have freaking tendency on many things. They have allergy on many things. Some women feel uncomfortable in using male’s washroom. So it is must to maintain facility of particular washroom for both male and female which will be provided with necessary washroom stuffs like soap, hand wash and towel.

The matter of safety in office is must for the employee. An office should have fire and earthquake prevention system, if there is any emergency. If there is safe office environment at office, an employee can work tension free.

That’s all about office equipments what is necessary in each office to give a nice look.  The most important thing that is necessary for employees especially for women is a comfortable office environment what is totally free from teasing or any kind of harassment. It will hamper the work at your office. We all know, the women in Bangladesh is empowering more and more day by day. You can see the presence of women in every sectors of work: top level administration to garments sector. So ensuring a safe office environment is necessary for the interest of the employers. If you want to get good returns from your investment so all the employers has to maintain it. Otherwise your all investment will be in vain in spite of having all luxury at your office.

Finally, it can be said that good environment ensures good business. So the office authority should ensure nice, robust and safe environment in office, so that an employee can use their high potentials and knowledge for their job.