What Happened to university education in Bangladesh?


Times Higher Education (THE) , a leading weekly of  London, published in their latest edition,  the list of the prestigious and top listed university in Asia, on the basis of education quality, research  and others variables. But it is matter of quite regret that, there are no names of any Bangladeshi universities in the list. In the list China and Japan has got priorities and some from India which get recognition for their research based, standard quality of education.

Not only in this rank list but also a list of Shanghai based survey Academic Ranking of World University (ARWU) , there are no places of any Bangladeshi universities in the list. This survey was taken from 1200 universities of the world, where the listed 500 universities. In the list India placed 11 universities, Pakistan 7 and 21 Chinese universities placed in top 100 universities. This is matter of sorrow that Bangladesh has no place in this university. Is that mean there is no standard quality of education?

Once Dhaka University was considered as the “Oxford of the East’ and also Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) took place in the world top ranked universities. What happened now? Why the universities are losing standard of their education system and what about others universities that is rising like ‘mushroom’ in every cities of Bangladesh. Every year a record number of students are completing graduation from those universities. Why don’t those universities can take place in the world ranking? What the universities teach then? Isn’t their education system what the follow to for the courses are not standard enough to lead on the world’s top ranked universities? Moreover, the universities which had ranked status before are losing it now. What’s the reason behind this down fall of the education system in Bangladesh?

There are more than 100 universities in Bangladesh which provides variety of courses for the graduate students. But among those universities there are no top ranked universities in the list. Is not I it shameful for us? Or is not it directly questioned at our education system? We want to take our country to a middle based income country. We often scream in conference and seminar to make our human resources to a most valuable asset for our country. Is it possible without a standard education system to bring the changes of our economy? It is high time now, for the country’s interest all the concerned authority should come forward and take necessary steps to ensure a standard education for the students, so that we can keep our prestige and honor to its peak in the world market.