Is Education goods?


Education is the backbone of a nation. Without education any nation cannot be progressed. This is why both developed and developing country emphasizes on education. They knew that they cannot achieve the desired development in all possible sectors without education. But, the picture here in Bangladesh is quite different. Ruling Bangladesh government treat education as good, so that it has needed to be added in Value Added Tax? For this reason in current fiscal year  the finance minister of Bangladesh announced in the budget educational institution (private university) need to pay 7% tax on their income.

Well, I understand that private universities are earning more than the public universities. But it is education, not any goods that are sold in grocery shop or any commodities that used for your luxury. Rather education is the thing that helps to take any nation a step ahead through a sustainable development. So what came up then the government takes such foolish decision?

There is a common belief that students, whose parents have enough money got admission in the private universities what is totally wrong.  if you go for survey you can see that maximum 70 % of the graduation and post graduation level students are studying in the private universities. there are several reasons behind choosing private universities. First of all, the students can complete their courses on time  while public universities and national university take longer period. Students who want to complete their graduation early prefer private universities. Secondly, the seat in the public universities is very much adequate in proportion to the students. Every year more than 1 lakh students take part in the admission test while the seat limit is around 10 to 15 thousand.  In that case the students have to choose private universities quite helplessly.   Moreover, public universities are the root of violence and politics. Scarcely, you found a day where no clashes happened. That is why the students who do not want to go through these complexities at campus avoid public universities.

Once it is thought that only the son and daughter of the high class society prefer private universities for higher education. But now the picture is quite different.  Maximum middle class even lower class society’s students prefer private universities for higher graduation as they can complete their graduation earlier than the public universities, so that they can enter early in work life for earning. On the other hand, maximum private universities provide weave to the poor and brilliant students what is really helpful for those poor students to run their study.  If government initiatives on the private university to take it under Value Added Tax service,  the students will be in trouble, what would be quite impossible for them to run their study. So for the sake of those helpless students please stop this VAT on the higher education courses of the private universities and let them to continue their higher level study.