Extremism and educational institution in Bangladesh


Extremism in educational institution has long history in Bangladesh. Initially, religious institutions like mosques and madrasas were the main hosts of extremism in Bangladesh. Religious teachers and leaders were radicalized and they only intention was to guide the innocent children who are deprived from the basic facilities of the society to extremism. This ideology has guided us for decades. But recent discoveries through the terrorist incidents have changed the line of thoughts.

Most of the terrorists took part in different terrorist activities in Bangladesh, in recent past, are from renowned educational institutions. Most of them are studied through private educational institutions and those are real expensive. That means that they are from well off families and in no way they did attack on humanity due to their hunger of financial gains.

Next point is, then how did they get involved in such a unexpected events and how did they get connected to international terrorist organisations. Normally, as far my knowledge goes, private educational institutions in Bangladesh do not promote terrorism or extremism. Then the possibility is, they must have been involved by their friends or teachers who are radicalized. But this channels do not connect with the educational institutions directly; rather educational institutions are indirectly involved. Private universities are the places where meeting with people are not restricted and thus innocent students may be brain washed.

But definitely there is a strong possibility of radicalized teachers’ involvements for misguiding students. I don’t think, universities do the background check in Bangladesh for appointing a teacher for their universities. A criminal record check and further check is a must for any kind of appointments which relate to children. None in Bangladesh is talking about this. But considering the unfolded events, government must make a law for this.

All the terrorists killed in actions have done one thing, that is, they have destroyed all their records with them even before law enforcement agencies attacked them. I suspect that those records held with future attack plans and list of people in their terrorist organization. It scares me, because how far they have gone to build their army of terrorists, is still unknown. I believe they have already made lots of students radicalized.

Government must take immediate actions to rethink about the admissions and appointment systems for both children and teachers in any educational institutions. Thus unwanted radicalized people will not get a easy way to brain wash innocent children.