Cruel modern civilization system: an unending barrier in children growth


Childhood means mischievousness or a life which is blended with dreams and fantasy and of course the sweetest and important period of life. But, children of this age, are getting aloof from this sweetest life with full of mischievousness and close attachment with nature. This is how, the beautiful and robust environment which is responsible to a great extent for children’s mental development are disappearing slowly. They have confined themselves with the four walls restrictions and there dreamy, fantasy world are shadowed with the grasp of mal-culture.

It is true that the children is growing up but they are not getting advantages of enjoying natural beauty, gentle breeze, lightening of multi color rainbow , vastly opened fields, sweet chirping of birds  and deep green forest’s allurement. Because of mal-culture and guardians typical limited mentality, children are losing their spontaneous mischievousness and the dreamy and fantasy world. The guardians are confined their child with in the chain of four walls through the television, computer, internet, mobile phone, video games. Moreover mal-culture is keeping a negative impact on children’s mind. Now- a -days we can observe the bad impact of watching Hindi culture on many children’s behavior. They are also seen to talk on Hindi. They are greatly influenced by Hindi cartoon. Their too much curiosity on Hindi cartons often puts their parents in many awkward situations.

 Children are too much imitative. They are learning what their elders do. Elder’s behavior, language all put deep impact on children. In modern family system, single family is getting more importance than joint family. So they are deprived of the close attachment with grandparents, uncle-aunt and cousins. This is why they become self –centered and they like to live alone.

Cambridge University research paper demonstrates that, close attachment with grandparents makes children long living and their mental growth is also remarkable. But in present in single family system, children do not have the scope of spending time with their grandparents. So they become mentally helpless and infected by loneliness. Children from broken family and the undisciplined families, who used to live lofty life, spend their childhood with happiness. They cannot manage time for themselves, because they remain busy in fulfilling their parents expected desire and doing many works. They have to attend many classes on dance, song, debate, sports classes what creates restless on their mind.

Most often the guardians are failed to understand the children favorite subjects. So they forcibly impose their own decision on them. Without realizing children’s capability, they assigned their children on performing inconceivable work. They turned into robot in fulfilling their parents dream. On the other hand parents spend most of their times in business or outing. Most often the children are brought up under the guidance of house tutor or house maid. These types of children do not find any time for playing outside because of their busy routine. If they could manage leisure, they spend it on playing video games or idly.

“Today’s child is tomorrow’s future”, many national leaders, intellectuals often utter this saying. But in practical life they are not enough wholehearted to implement this saying. But we should not forget that these children will bring fluke for the nation. To make it happen, a sound environment should provide for the children. It is must to make it sure for children, so that they can spend their time freely not with mechanism. Parents should be more effective.