Raise your voice and stop sexual harassment


“Can you manage a job for me? I badly need of a job dear. I am telling you because you are my close friend.” She said that when she was talking to me and she seemed quite sad. I asked her, “You told me you joined a job? As far as I know it may be nearly two months you joined this job. What came up that you had to quit your job? She replied, I had no way but to quit my job.  My boss was harassing me. He  is really a very bad man.  I tolerated at the beginning, but it became impossible for me to tolerate anymore. That’s why I quilted.

  “You know my condition I have big family. My mom is sick and also no earning member at my family. That’s why I am asking you to manage a job dear. Please I try to manage and make sure the office environment is secure for a girl.” She added. While I was talking to her I was feeling so sorry and helpless. I thought how insecure a girl is, wherever she is, home or outside?    So many questions peep at my mind, “what could be the reason of sexual harassment? Why girl is always victim? Is the girl is responsible for sexual harassment only or the circumstances around us? I was confused totally to find out the reason of sexual harassment.

Once I thought, silence or fear of raising voice against the oppression or injustice that is done her is the reason. If a girl raises her voice against the sexual harassment, it wouldn’t happen or those mean minded guys will never dare to repeat this kind of crime. Again I thought, if my friend raises her voice what will happen? Perhaps, her characters will be finger at. The people around her would discuss about her clothes and said she is very much presentable that’s why it happened to her. Even the female colleague will do the same. The way the tribe woman (Garo), (who was raped in Dhaka in a microbus) was questioned at. In social media, I saw so many posts on social media, they said about her character. Some says she willingly get into the microbus, some says she had past acquaintance with those guys. I admit that she had previous acquaintance but what made them too brutal, inhuman. Even the law enforcing agencies behaved in the same way. She was knocking this thana to that , no Police man were filing her case, even accused her saying what are you doing there till late night. If seeking justice is troublesome, so isn’t it better to be shut off. May be no one will know about the incident happened to her.

I am just afraid of thinking about the solution of the sexual harassment. How cruelly we woman will suffer and how long time?  Isn’t there any solution to stop this sexual harassment? As far as my little experience on my life says, all crimes or oppression could stop only by raising voice. If you protest they may not dare to harm you. May be you will not get support at the beginning; gradually you will started to get support. All that you need to do walk up; the same minded people started to follow you.  Just determined in your motif, no sexual harassment or oppression can be done to you.