Isn’t girls have any right to express their consent?



It was busy morning like all others day. Shaila was getting ready to go to her college. Shaila was too nervous if she late for five minutes. As a student she is very talented. She scored golden A+ in her SSC and JSC examination. She never stood 2nd in her any exam. So it is quite natural that she did not pay any attention to any other stuff that diverts her attention.  But her attitude and way of dealing things smartly catches a guy attention to her. In the beginning he just stood in her way and looked at her secretly.  It went on in this way for couple of weeks. One day, the guy come to her and expressed what he had in his mind for her quite genuinely. When the guy was talking to her, Shaila was quite surprised. She did not utter anything and left the place anyway.  But the guy did not stop her following. He stood on her way every day and tried to convince her. But Shaila was determined in her goal. She thought if she engaged in any relationship, it will hamper in her education. She wants to be doctor in future. Without hard work it would be quite impossible. She always thought if she hooked with this guy, it may proof a barrier in her dream. That is why she always refused that guy and said her wish to him. But the guy was quite reluctant to her   words and kept on trying. It was becoming uncomfortable to her. She felt like insecure to move on in this road, but what else she could do as she cannot miss her classes.

One day the guy came to her and forced to agree to build up relationship with her.  He pulled her hand and touched her quite sensitively in the road. Shaila was quite scared and screamed for help, but nobody came to help her as he is the son of local Chairman. Finding no other way,  Shaila slapped him .  The guy became angry and threatened her by saying “the consequence of the act will not be good. I will see you. I will see who will marry you.” After that event Shaila was quite afraid while moving to road. She felt quite unsecured and always tried to move with her friends. But one day something happened wrong, her friend was sick and some had no class. She was all left alone. The guy took the chances and stood in her way. At first he argued with her and tried to convince her.   Shaila was quite angry and became rude. After that something happened what changed Shaila’s life totally. She cannot show her face to anybody. Her entire face was burnt and seems really horrible!

This is   a very common picture in our society. When a girls express her consent or refuse any guy of their proposals , she has to burnt or raped. It seems that we are still in primitive age where wild creatures attack human.  The different is that only they were animal but now human being are treated like animal. It’s really such a shame for us !!