faith facts

Faith vs Facts

Faith does not go with Facts. Facts does not go with faith either. Most important thing is which one is more important and acceptable to you. Are you the person who is going to...
atheist hurdles

Daily hurdles of an Atheist

Daily hurdles faced by an atheist, is my today's topic. The reason why I picked this up - is it's every atheist who lives with other people will normally face and faces everyday. There...
concept of god

Concept of God – the reason why people fight

Concept of God, is the most dangerous idea of the human history. The first group of persons who tried to establish themselves as more powerful than others, they created Gods to manipulate human beings'...
God is scam

God – is a man made SCAM to scare people

God is a scaring tool used for thousands of years to control others by a small group of people. General public is nothing but fools, they have been manipulated by these cunning people by...
hajj crime islam

Hajj is a Crime for humanity

Hajj, simply a crime. This is the most organised criminal act in the world. Previously, I have written about deaths during this event which radicalized people perform every year. In fact, all the governments...
god atheist superpower religion

There is nothing called God or super power

Religious people try to sell their God for hiding their failure. They also know that there is nothing but their own failure. Today I had to start my article with negative word like 'failure',...
theory of existence

Theory of existence – 6

Theory of existence articles, after a short period of time. I believe, it has become important to explore and share our reason for existence in this universe. People are killing each other for no...
human being existence

Theory of existence – 5

Theory of existence is called theory, because still lots of people are not ready to accept the facts discussed in this series of articles. They are still living in dark age. We call ourselves...
existence birth energy

Theory of existence – 4

Our existence in this universe does not start with our birth. Though we tend to think that our life starts when we are born in this earth. There are lots of people who also...
theory of existence energy life universe

Theory of existence – 3

Theory of existence, articles to find out the root why everything exist and why. Today I will try to discuss on some unseen topics. Almost all the religions speaks about life after death. Those...
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