election commission bangladesh

New Election Commission – first step of election engineering in Bangladesh

Election commission in Bangladesh is and was always slave of the government. Other political parties have always raised their voice against it, but when the opposition goes to power as a ruling party; they...

Uncertainty in future Bangladeshi politics

Lots of uncertainty in Bangladeshi politics clouded over for last few years and its growing stronger day by day. There are few important points relating to these uncertainties; especially around future leaderships of major...

Minority group – never safe in Bangladesh

Recent increase in attack on minority group in Bangladesh comes immediately after Awami League's national conference. It shows that Bangladeshi government's have always patronized the attacks on minority groups. For last decade, bloggers, religious...
Election commission Bangladesh

Election Commission has failed to establish their role in Bangladesh

Today Election Commission of Bangladesh has finished the election of Union Parishad. This election is conducted in six steps all over the country. Already this election of Union Parishad is identified as the most...
bangladesh religion terrorists

Bangladesh, Religion and terrorists – which to win?

People of Bangladesh is fully influenced by their religion and groups of people have become terrorists. Comparing the total number of terrorist groups and number of terrorists in Bangladesh, will numerically look less; but...
Sheikh Hasina Government

New year is not new for the Sheikh Hasina government

I had been expecting that Bangladeshi government should change their ruling style with the change of the year. But nothing is changed. At the very beginning of the year, Sheikh Hasina has played a...
shomsher mobin chowdhury bnp

Risky political games played by BNP

Shomsher Mobin Chowdhury is no doubt a prominent figure in Bangladeshi politics, particularly in BNP. His support and participation even before start of his active political career for BNP was significant. He was a...
Latif siddueq arrest

Latif Siddique and 57 Article of ICT Act in Bangladesh

It was almost confirmed that Latif Siddue ( former minister) will not be able to survive the pressure after his speech on Hajj and Tablig jamat in USA. Last nail was pinned with his...
attack on teacher

Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) is now turned into a terrorist organisation

Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) is the affiliate student wing of Awami League (AL). It is the oldest political wing of political parties in Bangladesh. BCL is day by day turning into a terrorist organisation...
national mourning day

15th August: Sheikh Mujib, Hasina and Awami League

Since Awami League came into power as ruling party after '90, they have tried to establish 15th August as national mourning day as Sheikh Mujib died on this day. Awami League tried to capitalize...
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