Bangladesh Bank

Resignation of Bangladesh Bank Governor and use of stolen money

At first, I would like to appreciate BB Governor Atiur Rahman for his bold resignation from his post after the report of stolen money from BB reserve. It is bold because, none resigns with...
foreign policy of Bangladesh

Foreign Policy of Bangladesh: A comparison among the Regimes

Since the independence as a nation, Bangladesh has an identity of her own. Similarly, our government has a unique foreign policy as like as other countries. But it depends on the philosophy of the...
Road accidents in bangladesh

Road Accidents in Bangladesh: What to Do?

There is not even a single day when we do not read or see the news of road traffic accidents on newspapers or televisions. Each and every accident is shocking. This rate of road...

Ban on social media and murder of Muzahid & Salauddin Kader

When I heard that all social media including, Facebook, what's app, Skype and so on are shut down in  Bangladesh for unlimited period, it was not quite difficult for me to find out that...

Act now to avoid the darkness

Bangladeshi government is trying to defend by saying NO to all the threats identified by international countries. All, including the government knows that this just keeping everyone calm and regular statement by the government....
election in Bangladesh

Election process in Bangladesh is on RED ALERT

If you can remember the controversial power handing over to west pakistani government before '70, then it will be very much clear that what our Election Commission is doing now for last couple of...
awami league

Bangladesh Awami League is far away from their own aims, objectives and fundemental principles

Today I am going to draw a picture of our ruling party which will show the actual difference between what they say and what they do practically. Anyone can understand from today's post. I...
stop child labor

Stop risky child labor: help to build up a progressive society

“Give me 10 taka, please. I am very hungry. I will buy something to eat. Please Apa!!” when I was crossing the new market area today I met the boy. I said...
padma bridge corruption

The Corruption In Padma Bridge Project

Padma Bridge: Padma is one of four biggest rivers in Bangladesh. The Padma Bridge Project was coming into action to create a direct communication among Khulna, Barishal and Dhaka division. Transportation of goods, people and...
Secret of arresting opposition political leaders

One SalahUddin and Secret of arresting opposition political leaders

Just before writing this article title - One Salahuddin and secret of arresting opposition political leaders, I was looking for accurate word for the Bangla word "গুম করা". Unfortunately there are some words available...
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