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CARROT or STICK – 11:Terrorism is the other name of Islam

Just now, if you ask anyone to answer the related word 'Terrorism', you will definitely get the reply as 'Islam'. Some can argue that it may not be the same before hundreds of years...
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ISIS uses Bangladesh as financial transit point

Existence of ISIS in Bangladesh and their direct/ indirect operations within and using Bangladesh, is a well discussed subject in international arena. Many countries have already warned Bangladeshi government about this and international media...
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Shame on you – Hackers

Shame on you - hackers. I would like to say those three words to the hackers who hacked this blog website yesterday  morning. We know that there are lots of group of people, who...
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Is Islam terrorism or a name of ‘Peace’!

“It is true that I was badly injured in a bomb attack by a Muslim while I was working in British army in Iran.  A bomb was hidden in the street of Bosra,...

ISIS may attack on 31st December night in Bangladesh

If you consider terrorist activities in Bangladesh for last 6 months and start to connect the dots, it is more likely that ISIS through their local representative organisation has already planned to attack in...
new trend in extremism

New trend in extremism in Bangladesh

For last few months, the number of attacks on Non-Muslims have increased in Bangladesh. It seems like some sort of force is attacking on the social, cultural environment of Bangladesh. But Bangladeshi government and...

Anarchy that go on the world: Is that Islam or madness of some stupid?

‘Islam’ and ‘peace’ the two words that stand for each other in the holy Quran. It is shown in that way that Islam means peace, what ultimate aim is to establish peace in...
france attack ISIS

France attack by ISIS warned us for immediate actions

Paris terrorist attack on last Friday has shaken the world. It simply shows that what ISIS is capable of. they have entered the era of international terrorism and showed off their capabilities to the...

Difficult choices need to be made for all against fundamentalism and extremism

History is repeated- it is a proven truth of nature. None is above that. From individual life to the country and to the world, everything has to face this truth. I am in a...
tajia procession attack

45 Seconds speaks about radicalization in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has taken one step further in extreme radicalization yesterday. Shia Muslims were attacked with bomb blast during preparation for mourning procession at Hoseni Dalan at old Dhaka. This incidents reminds me about the...
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