Bangladesh terrorists akayed

Bangladesh is hosting Terrorists

Bangladesh is hosting terrorists within it's territory. Among all the reasons, political and religous weakness is most significant. Bangladeshi politics will always avoid taking stand against fundamenlism. Politicians think that if they do or...
Extremism radicalization bangladesh

Extremism and radicalization is going to increase in 2018 in Bangladesh

Extremism and radicalization is going to increase a lot in Bangladesh next year. There are many factors which are going to help this growth. Rohingya population in Bangladesh, ISIS defeat in their territory, national...

Slaughtering tradition in Religions encourage terrorism

Slaughtering in different forms and formats - is part of different religions in the world. Religions and followers believe this awful tradition as a way to show their respect to their God. Funny that...
Ansarullah Bangla Team GIMF Bangla Team

GIMF Bangla Team is Ansarullah Bangla Team

GIMF stands for Global Islamic Media Front. Everyone by know about Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT). Now they are part of this international terrorist platform. Now ABT is called GIMF Bangla Team. Before couple years,...
is new jmb bangladesh

Bangladesh hiding IS in the name of New JMB in the country

For last few years, Bangladeshi government and administration is hiding IS existence and they are mentioning them as new JMB. Though they are nothing but IS. However, Bangladeshi government is always trying to deny...
Hefajot islam bangladesh-islamic-terrorism

Sheikh Hasina and Hefajot Islam are in power now

Everyone remembers the name of Hefajot Islam and their target killings of bloggers in Bangladesh. They have forced the government to openly declare their stance against bloggers few years back. AL government became scared...
IS Sylhet Bangladesh london terrorism

Attack of terrorism – London to Sylhet

Attacks of terrorism is increased recently around the world. Last week only, terrorist has attacked at the heart of democracy in London and terrorists are showing their colour in the other part of the...
ansar al islam bangladesh

‘Ansar Al Islam’ is banned now in Bangladesh

'Ansar Al Islam' which is another name of the most notorious fundamentalist militant group of Bangladesh 'Ansarullah Bangla Team'. This new named group is now banned in Bangladesh from today. There are lots of...
extremism bangladesh blogger militant

New face of extremism in Bangladesh 2017

New face of extremism in Bangladesh is in rise. 2017 is waiting and silently lots of young people are missing recently. Police chief is saying that all the missing people may not be involved...

Complacency of Bangladesh Government on terrorism in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi government is very much complacent on terrorism in Bangladesh recently. If you look at the government now, you will never be able to imagine about what just happened in Bangladesh. None is talking...
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