Basic mistake by police for fighting against militants in Bangladesh


Militants have gone in hiding, after police started raiding them. Everyone is thinking like that, but I think they are planning to fight back soon. If you observe the trend of IS all over the world, you don’t have to think so deep to find about that. It is proved that Bangladeshis are involved both directly and indirectly with international terrorist organisations. Since Gulshan attack incident, police has been trying to show off that they are one step ahead of militants in Bangladesh and to impress international media. But studying their last raids and approach, I think they are doing a basic mistake to approach.

Firstly, they have not suddenly started getting all the intelligence reports on militants. They knew about it, they are now executing after government’s order. It proves that government did not want to take actions on eliminating militants. Even these recent actions are also controlled highly. The most shocking part is, they are not looking for connections these dead militant leaders have or what is their future plans are. Police have failed to capture these militant and terrorist leaders alive.

From recent article in a national newspaper, one police member said that they could not arrest the latest militant leader Zahidul, because few of them could not hold him due to their physical strength. That is the reason they shot the militant dead. Now, how this police force will succeed, if they are not competent enough to arrest the militant leaders. They should have called competent force to deal with this arrest and they could have gain lots of intelligence out of him.

Police may think that they have achieved their target, but in fact they are losing by only killing the terrorists in Bangladesh. By only killing the militant leaders, they are only reducing the number of terrorists, but they are not actually reducing the risks of terrorism.